This Is Foolish and over The Top: Forensic Expert Halimnazarov Comments On Russian Colleagues' Conclusions

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At the last hearing on the killing of Saltanat Nukenova, Bishimbayev's lawyers presented conclusions of forensic experts from Russia. Their findings run counter to the conclusions of Kazakhstani experts and confirm the defendant's version. Tahir Halimnazarov, the forensic expert who spoke earlier at the trial, has reacted to this.

Moscow experts believe that Nukenova could have been injured due to falling from her height. The statement about the absence of signs of inertial trauma and acceleration in a traumatic brain injury was called unfounded. In their opinion, Saltanat was also able to move on her own despite the traumatic brain injury. 

Overdid It

Tahir Halimnazarov has refuted these experts' claims.

Of course, colleagues went overboard with everything. Roughly speaking, they claim that she fell on her own, hit the toilet. This contradicts everything. This is, of course, foolish, the expert replied.

Halimnazarov argues that the Russian experts' conclusions cannot be true, including the statement about the condition that led to subdural hematoma:

The experts who examined the body clearly saw all the brain damage. Any expert will distinguish a second hematoma from a new one, even by eye. And then they saw the area under a microscope during a histological examination. This does not mean that it [the damaged area] gave any manifestations during life to give it an assessment.
An expert is initially brought in from abroad. One must admit, we are talking about decent payments there, it's not a secret. If the person who orders this conclusion understands that it will not be useful, will he pay for it? Therefore, there is no matter of objectivity here.
These experts have only seen the conclusions of the first examination and ours. This is not an examination, but their judgments. Just judgments! Think for yourself, a man is sitting in Moscow, and would he be liable for his actions before our legislation, or no? says Halimnazarov. 

Document Falsification

Aitbek Amangeldy, Nukenova's brother, had also explained the situation during a hearing on 16 April 2024:

The prosecutor found violations: in particular, Russian specialists cannot be held accountable in Kazakhstan. Accordingly, they are not liable for their conclusions and cannot provide documents for consideration by a jury.

Understand Me As a Mother

Almira Nurlybekova, Bishimbayev's mother, believes that if the conclusions of the Moscow experts is not accepted, it will infringe on Kuandyk's rights. 

The woman has previously filed complaints against those who she believes have "brought about insults to lawyers and their families" with their posts. Among those she filed complaints against are lawyers Dzhokhar Utebekov, Anna Chernova, and Anara Kusainova.

Prosecutor Aizhan Aimaganova petitioned for the recognition of the conclusions of Russian specialists as inadmissible evidence. Judge, Aizhan Kulbaeva, later satisfied Aimaganova's request.

Regarding the conclusion of the Moscow specialists, the court believes that during the research, the procedural order of preparation was violated, the rights of the affected party were violated, and significant (other) violations were committed that affected the validity and objectivity. The court decided to satisfy the state prosecutor's request. The conclusion of specialists without a number dated March 7, 2024 should be considered inadmissible as evidence and excluded from the evidence in the case, the judge said.

Meanwhile, has reported that Eduard Tumanov, one of the Moscow medical experts has done a similar remote analysis before.

In April 2022, Eduard Tumanov analyzed images from Bucha, Ukraine, later liberated from Russian troops. He suggested that the photos showing dead civilians on the streets was staged. The dead, in his opinion, were brought and laid throughout the streets.

Original Author: Sulamita Baiguzhaeva

DISCLAIMER: This is a translated piece. The text has been modified, the content is the same. Please refer to the original piece in Russian for accuracy. The text has been updated to reflect the current situation. The article was originally posted on 16/04/2024

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