Kazakhstan Plans to Increase Exports of Wheat and Flour to Afghanistan - Serik Zhumangarin

cover Photo: Александр Гальперин / РИАН

Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Trade of Kazakhstan, Serik Zhumangarin, said active work is underway to create a reliable trade and economic partnership with Afghanistan.

Zhumangarin noted that the trade turnover between the countries is $1 billion, but despite the current logistical difficulties, plans are underway to increase it to $3 billion.

The Deputy Prime Minister also highlighted the significance of the upcoming trade and logistics forum in Almaty, emphasizing its potential to significantly boost the economic ties between the two countries.

We are expecting a large delegation of Afghan businessmen, as was the case last year. This time they expressed a desire to hold their selling exhibition in Almaty. Last year, as you know, our fellow citizens had certain elements of xenophobia, which we quickly passed after visiting the exhibition at the EXPO. We visited the exhibition, drank saffron tea, and realized that these are ordinary people like us who want to live, trade, have fun and travel, Zhumangarin said.

Kazakhstan plans to increase exports of wheat, flour, and flour products to Afghanistan