EU Expresses Concern Over Import of Household Appliances from Kazakhstan to Russia - Bloomberg

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The EU is beginning to look closely at the sharp increase in imports of household appliances to Kazakhstan. Brussels believes that everything is being re-exported to Russia. The import on Russia's part is reportedly for military purposes.

Armenia and Kazakhstan are the main points in Bloomberg analysts' questions.

According to Eurostat data, Armenia bought more refrigerators from the EU than in the previous 2 years in the first 8 months of 2022.

Kazakhstan bought refrigerators for $21.4 million in August. This is three times more than a year earlier.

The figures for breast pumps are even more striking.

Armenia began to buy three times more appliances, while imports to Kazakhstan grew by a dizzying 633%.

At the same time, the birth rate has fallen in both countries - by 4.3% in Armenia and by 8.4% in Kazakhstan.

Russia bought $7.5 million worth of washing machines from Kazakhstan in August. The figure was almost 0 in previous years.

Original Author: Maxim Skopin

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