Details Regarding Suicide of Mother of Three Children Emerge

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The middle daughter found her mother's body after returning home from a walk on the evening of July 19. Ayperi was a native of Kyrgyzstan. She made a living by sewing clothes. Human rights activist Dina Tansari wrote about the tragedy on her Telegram channel.

On Her Own

Her neighbor Zhibek speaks kindly about the mother of three children. She says she was a kind and very hardworking person. Despite serious financial problems, she never asked for help and worked as a seamstress.

A few days ago, Ayperi tried sushi and pizza for the first time in her life. Imagine, for the first time in her life, she lived so poorly. But she never sat around with an outstretched hand, tried to get out, feed the children, earn money. Apparently, she had run out of patience. She cleaned the house, washed, cooked food and... hanged herself. Her one-year-old daughter was in the house at that moment. And when the middle one came back from outside, Ayperi was already hanging in a noose.says Zhibek

Ayperi had three daughters. A couple of days before her mother's death, the youngest girl turned one year old.

Financial Limitations

The neighbors have different versions of what happened. According to Zhibek, domestic violence in the family could have played a key role in the tragedy, as well as the fact that the husband limited Ayperi financially:

"Ayperi was periodically subjected to domestic violence by her husband. Also, he cheated on her. They say he even took the children's benefits and did not give money at all. Some neighbors suggest that Ayperi did not want to die, but only planned to scare her husband when he took 70 thousand tenge from her for an order. She was a seamstress, she had to do the work, it was the clients who paid her.

And indeed, there is a version that the girl wanted to simulate suicide, but in the process could not untie the noose.

"Allegedly, she sent a voice message to her husband at 8 pm, where she says: 'I wanted to scare you that I want to hang myself, but I can't untie myself.' He apparently did not believe her and arrived only after midnight, when everything had already happened and the police were in the house. To be honest, I don't think so," says Zhibek.

A Helping Hand

A couple of weeks before the tragedy, Russian blogger Ilgiz Garipov made a video about Ayperi. In it, she told about her difficult situation and how she earns a living by sewing clothes and selling pies.

The blogger then started a fundraiser to help Ayperi and also supported her working Instagram account, through which she took orders. The blogger's audience did not stay on the sidelines. The girl's account quickly gained momentum.

After learning about Ayperi's death, he opened a fundraiser to help her relatives and friends:

We all remember Ayperi, this single-minded girl who was passionate about her work, she inspired more than a dozen people with her actions in the videos that we shot for you. With great regret, Ayperi, the mother of three children, has died today. I do not have information about the entire cause of the situation. The only thing I have the right and would like to do now is to open a fundraiser for those who are not indifferent, for those who are familiar with this situation, for their families and children who are seeing and experiencing all this at the moment. I have already been contacted by a lot of caring people, including their neighbors, who have already opened their own fundraiser.

The Police's Response

The Almaty Police Department reported that there is a pre-trial investigation under Article 105 of the RK Criminal Code "Driving to suicide".

"Employees of the police department at the Auezovsky district Police Department are conducting a set of investigative measures aimed at establishing the causes and circumstances of the death of cit. B. born in 1994. Other information on the criminal case is not subject to disclosure," the department explained.

Other Issues

A couple of days before the publication of this material, emotions flared up around the case.

On July 22, Ayperi's relatives arrived from Kyrgyzstan. As Dina Tansari writes on her Telegram channel, they were informed that Ayperi allegedly died from coronavirus and they wanted to bury her quickly.

The main purpose of their visit was to take Ayperi back to Kyrgyzstan to conduct independent examinations and bury her in her homeland. However, Dina Tansari writes that it took a while to get the body. According to relatives, the Almaty police closed the suicide case.

Ayperi's neighbor, Zhibek, also recorded a video in which she said that Ayperi's relatives do not believe that the girl could have killed herself. According to the woman, they were at the entrance of the house where their relative died all night, fearing that Ayperi's body could be taken away without their knowledge and buried:

I am in the courtyard of the house where our neighbor Ayperi died. Ayperi's relatives are sitting behind me. The husband of the deceased does not give them the body. They came to collect the body of their sister and conduct an independent examination in Kyrgyzstan. Why? Because they don't believe that Ayperi could have voluntarily passed away. We wanted to rent them an apartment so that they could at least sleep until morning, but they refused. Because they are afraid that they may take the body away without their knowledge and burry (it -Ed.) themselves.

Zhibek video message. Video from Dina Tansari's Telegram channel

In her video, Zhibek also appealed to the president and the Minister of Internal Affairs with a request to give the body to Aypery's relatives: her sister and their mother in Kyrgyzstan. It turned out that the mother has been suffering from cancer for 15 years and is in serious condition. As Zhibek said in her video, relatives do not want the woman to be buried in Kazakhstan:

They (the relatives) also wrote a statement. Somehow, the Auezov police department accepted their statement to open a criminal case. They suspect that Ayperi was killed after all, that it wasn't suicide. Of course, there was a conflict, emotions. It was hard, somehow (they - Ed.) calmed down. Only about an hour ago, many neighbors went home. We, four neighbors, are sitting here with relatives, not sleeping because we were told that at six o'clock they would allegedly take (it - Ed.) and take out the body. They (relatives) want to conduct an independent examination, as they do not trust the examinations that will be done on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The Almaty Police Department has refuted this information.

The Almaty Police Department reports that the information about the termination of the criminal case and the refusal to issue the body of the deceased is not true and deliberately misleads the public. The woman's body was handed over to her relatives for burial. The investigation of the criminal case is ongoing and is under the control of the leadership of the PD of the city of Almaty,the department replied.

No Examination

The relatives of the deceased tried to conduct an examination. Ayperi's sister, Nurperi, informed Orda that the girl's body has already been buried at home.

She said that relatives initially went to Kazakhstan to retrieve the body, thinking that she had died from coronavirus. It was only on the way to Almaty that they found out that Ayperi did not die from this:

It's been a long time since we were given the body. Since I am a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, I couldn't do anything. Initially, her husband told us that she had died from coronavirus. Only while we were driving to Almaty, we heard on TV what really happened. I don't know, maybe her husband bought the diagnosis with money. After all, if Ayperi actually had a coronavirus, the doctors themselves would not have taken the body, would not have dealt with it and would not have let people near it. I'm 100% sure it was suicide.
Maybe it's not suicide. After all, her husband's personality is not good. Ayperi has told me many times that he is a bad person. After receiving the body, we could not send it for examination because four days had already passed, it was necessary to bury it as soon as possible. It is unclear why the Almaty police department does not contact us for questioning, we are still her relatives. But, apparently, they are not interested in asking us questions, apparently, they are also hiding something. We could not carry out the examination because it is expensive. On the day when I went to Almaty, it turned out that I needed a lot of money for the examination, and I didn't have such a sum, explained the sister

"Document" and a Shaitan

A little later, an Orda correspondent contacted Ayperi's cousin, Amina. She shared even more confusing and frightening details.

According to the woman, the body was given to relatives only after they signed an unverified document stating that they have no claims against the husband and his relatives:

On the morning of July 22, Nurperi, pleading, sat and asked to give us her sister's body, since her mother is in a very serious condition. We had a hard time convincing Ayperi's father-in-law and husband to give us the body. Ayperi's father–in-law said that he would do it only on one condition - if we write a document stating that later we will not have any claims against Ayperi's husband, we will not bring the case to court and we will not conduct an examination in Kyrgyzstan. In the end, we agreed only in order to bury her in her homeland as soon as possible. But we still want to find out the cause of death, who could have pushed Ayperi to suicide


Amina also said that the initial examination was for some reason carried out in Taraz. And only when the body arrived back in Almaty, Ayperi's husband and father-in-law gave it to her relatives, taking a conditional document. 

According to Amina, the document is not notarized, as relatives did not have time to go to a notary to do so. As the girls say, representatives of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in the Republic of Kazakhstan also observed this process:

Ayperi's neighbors and relatives on her husband's side have completely different versions. The neighbors, of course, are sure that her husband caused this, or even hanged (her - Ed.) himself. And the husband and his side said straight out that she was possessed by a Shaitan. That's exactly what they say. I do not know why the examination was carried out in Taraz, but they said that it was necessary. Now Ayperi is buried here in Kyrgyzstan. Personally, I agree with the neighbors that her husband simply drove her to suicide.

Meanwhile, Dina Tansari said on her Facebook that the husband quickly called cleaning to the apartment where everything happened and is engaged in its sale. There is even a possibility that there has already been a buyer who has given a deposit.

Tansari also writes that Ayperi's husband behaves very aggressively. Meanwhile, neighbors heard her father-in-law talking loudly to someone on the phone at five in the morning, saying that he could not hand over the body because his son could be imprisoned. As Tansari noted, the #NeMolchi foundation is concerned that Ayperi's husband's relatives have some kind of influence and are connected with government agencies.

Orda has previously written that an 18-year-old girl was found hanged on the school grounds in Kokshetau on the morning of July 20. Law enforcement agencies have launched a pre-trial investigation under a similar article as in Ayperi's case.

Original Author: Asset Smagulov

DISCLAIMER: This is a translated piece. The text has been modified the content is the same. Please refer to the original article in Russian for accuracy.

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