Astana Flooded with Garbage: Another Scandal with Company Affiliated with Aliya Nazarbayeva

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Astana residents are dissatisfied with untimely garbage collection. Waste container sites have been flooded. The number of citizens filing complaints has reached a record, reports 

The corruption-monopolistic history of the garbage collection company Clean City NC LLP has tacked on yet another scandal. A company robot answers numerous calls made by residents of multi-story buildings in Astana. Officials should have intervened long ago, but for some reason, little interest has been demonstrated since winter. Meanwhile, almost the entire city has been overtaken by garbage. 


They haven't been taken out for weeks. There is a stench. The stench is all over the neighborhood – it is impossible to open the windows. In the management company all complaints are referred to the operator. As far as I know, the same situation is in many yards (i.e. dvory - term used to refer to area and surrounding apartment buildings - Ed.), says Altyn Aubakirova, a resident of the Grand Champion residential complex.

Residents say there are not enough containers. They fill up quickly. But even additional containers and areas will do little if the garbage is not taken out daily. Piles of waste have already reached "human height". 

Clean City is definitely not handling (this - Ed.). Apparently there are not enough cars, so they are taken out only twice a week. We used to think that the containers were overflowing because of the shops and the neighboring house from which garbage was also thrown out. But the problem is much bigger. It's like this all over the city, residents of the residential complex "Alan" say. 

The founder of the company Clean City NC is the private company Green Future Management Ltd. It is registered in the Astana International Financial Center. The owner of the organization is Aliya Nazarbayeva, Nursultan Nazarbayev's daughter. The director is Arman Arenov. 

Astana's Akimat has confirmed that the only garbage removal operator in Astana is not managing to carry out their operations. They have promised to stabilize the situation in the near future. 

"Waste collection from container sites is carried out in three shifts. For timely removal, the organization is considering several options, including the purchase and rental of additional equipment. In addition, the staff of workers and drivers is expanding, additional routes are being created. The Akimat will carry out work on the installation of additional containers and molok (containers - Ed.) at those addresses where the developers misjudged,"  the Akimat's press service stated.

In order to improve the work on the collection and removal of solid waste, it is also planned to hold an additional competition in the near future to determine garbage collection companies.

Original Author: Rayana Batyr 

DISCLAIMER: This is a translated piece. The text has been modified, the content is the same. Please refer to the original piece in Russian for accuracy.

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