What Contracts Were Directly Received by Deputy's Company Restoring Almaty Akimat

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The Almaty Akimat’s restoration is coming to a close, officials are already settling in. Questions, however, remain. One of them is why the 17 billion tenge contract was received by the contractor company Atrix–Stroy directly without competition?

Such a question arises, as its head, Amirzhan Nabiyev, is an Almaty maslikhat deputy. This is also not the first contract of such a nature for Atrix-Stroy. An Orda correspondent has looked into the matter.

A Fountain

Orda had written about how Atrix-Stroy received the direct contract back in June. Four months later, representatives of the city administration explained why this LLP had been chosen.

"In a state of emergency, the law on public procurement allows you to choose a company from a single source for accelerated recovery and operation. The fact that the head of the organization is a deputy of the Maslikhat of Almaty was not a parameter for choosing a contractor. The parameters were as follows: the company had to be from Almaty, have extensive experience and have sufficient resources," 
 said Beibut Shakhanov, head of the akim's office.

The experience of Atrix-Stroy LLP is indeed extensive – the organization has existed since 2002. Yet it gained this experience, including through cooperation with government agencies.

According to the public procurement website, cooperation began in July 2016 – three months after Nabiyev was elected to a second deputy term in the Almaty maslikhat.

Over the next seven years, nine major contracts were concluded with Atrix-Stroy. Eight of them were ordered by the Almaty Construction Department. At the same time, seven out of nine contracts have the wording "from one source by direct conclusion of the contract". There was no state of emergency in Almaty in 2016-2021.

What kind of direct contracts were they? The first one, in 2016, was for the repair of a fountain for 1,250,000 KZT. Which fountain and where is not specified in the document. But this is the only contract with Atrix-Stroy, where the customer is the Directorate of Administrative Buildings of the Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty.

The next contract was in 2017, amounting to 1,695,910,390 tenge. It was reconstruction in the city center: Arbat, Panfilov Street, Old Square.

Almaty Arbat. Photo: Orda.kz

The next two contracts in 2018 and 2021 are the development of design and estimate documentation and design supervision over the construction of the reception department building with an operating unit for the Children's Emergency Medical Care Center. The development of documentation was estimated at 44.8 million, the designer supervision – 55,912,620 tenge.

Specialist for Akimat and CHP

In 2022-2023, direct contracts with Atrix-Stroy were concluded only for the restoration of the Akimat of Almaty. According to the public procurement website, a contract for 10,274,312,625 tenge was signed in March 2022. In December, this amount, after a supplemental agreement, increased to 17,147,390,927.

RMB: Beibut Shakhanov told an Orda journalist that there was no increase in the akimat's repair budget.

But, there were also two more direct contracts concerning the Almaty akimat. The first one was concluded in April 2023 for 803,502,901 tenge for the "construction of government and presidential communications networks in the building of the Almaty Akimat". The second one was concluded last June for 616,682,493 tenge, separately for the reconstruction of the akimat office building.

It turned out to be 1.4 billion tenge, which was not mentioned during the presentation of the restored building.

Incidentally, Nabiyev, represented by the same Atrix-Stroy, became the owner of the Ridder thermal power plant for some time this summer. In July, he promised to repay all the debts of the enterprise - 5.3 billion tenge. In September, representatives of Atrix-Stroy already reported that the CHP had paid off its debts to creditors. Only the salary debt to the employees has remained.

Ridder thermal power plant. Photo: Orda.kz

In September, it became known that the CHP was being transferred from private hands to state ownership.

Original Author: Igor Ulitin

DISCLAIMER: This is a translated piece. The text has been modified, the content is the same. Please refer to the original piece in Russian for accuracy.

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