"NeMolchi" Holds Conference, Shares Details on Shocking Story


A woman is trying to prove the police should be held accountable for inaction. Her husband tried to burn her alive. Orda has looked into the matter.

A story told at Nemolchi's conference On May 21 concerns Indira Tergeubayeva. She has appealed to the police many times and has five court decisions as evidence of assault and battery. Although the husband served 15 days, the harassment and threats did not end.

I contacted the authorities, and since he was a Russian citizen, the migration police took over the case. The case went to court. And at the very first hearing, they decided to deport (my - Ed.) husband. The Supreme Court made the same decision. He had to leave the country in 15 days, but the migration police did not deport him, says Indira Tergeubayeva. 

The day before the tragedy, her husband came to her store once again. When the threats started, she called the police. She said that he was subject to deportation, that she had a court decision, and he was threatening to kill her. Indira says the police did nothing, took the statement, and did not return.

The next day he came and brought 40 liters of gasoline with him. He had two pistols and a large knife. He doused the whole store and me and set everything on fire. There was an explosion. He died on the spot, and I was thrown out into the street by the blast wave. I got very severe burns and to this day I am being treated, I have already undergone a ninth operation, says Indira. 


The woman is seeking to hold those who failed to prevent the incident and respond accountable.

Those precinct officers should have sounded the alarm the day before the tragedy, and because of their fault, I cannot recover now. Absolute injustice. I have not yet been recognized as a victim. Even the prosecutor's office told me: that's enough, it wasn't the staff who doused you, the person who did this has already been punished — he died. But I'm not going to stop, those responsible must be punished.

Indira says the case has been closed more than once. It was resumed only after contacting the Presidential Administration. 

On March 1, we had a meeting with Indira and the assistant to the president. But despite Toqayev's clear instructions to bring the matter to fruition, the instruction is not being carried out. But who is above the president? We don't know where to turn now, explains lawyer Ainara Aidarkhanova.

Original Author: Egor Grozny

DISCLAIMER: This is a translated piece. The text has been modified, the content is the same. Please refer to the original piece in Russian for accuracy.