Telegusov Was Misled: Defense Manufacturer Responded General's Criticism

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In an interview with Orda, retired Major General Mahmut Telegusov gave his assessment of the situation in the army and the military-industrial complex of Kazakhstan. The Association of Defense Industry Enterprises responded to his criticism

According to the deputy chairman of the Association of Enterprises of the Military-Industrial Complex, Naizabek Olzhabayuly, although General Telegusov spoke in depth, which is not surprising for a person with such military experience, he has been misled.

"Mr. Telegusov is quite rightly upset about the supply of foreign equipment to troops, speaking about the difficulties with their maintenance. However, he further contradicts his thesis, criticizing the manufacturer of domestic wheeled armored vehicles "Arlan". Apparently, due to unreliable information widely disseminated by opponents of the domestic defense industry, the aksakal (elder - Ed.) has been misled. His comment is absolutely untrue," .

Naizabek Olzhabayuly believes

Naizabek Olzhabayuly believes that the general could have misunderstood that the Arlan armored vehicles are suitable only for policing functions. They were adopted by a commission more than five years ago.

"Apparently, Mr Telegusov does not know about modern anti-mine MRAP technologies, about the experience of our vehicle brand in the Karabakh war or about how they protected the personnel during the Qantar. The entire global use of machines of this class and the experience of operation in the Kazakhstani army indicates the need for their use by the troops. No one is suggesting to pit the "Arlans" against tanks. This machine has its own equally important tasks on the battlefield,"

said Naizabek Olzhabayuly.

He also mentioned that the Humvees, which the general drew attention to in an interview, are no longer used in the American army. The US army has switched to using vehicles that use the same technology as the Kazakhstani manufacturer of Arlans – MRAP.

"Presenting the work of the domestic manufacturer "Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering" as an "assembly" (plant - Ed.), I would like to clarify for the respected aksakal (elder - Ed.) that this enterprise produces, and does not assemble the vehicles. As localization, which is confirmed by state bodies and independent observers, reaches 72%. This indicator is unique for Kazakhstan's engineering industry as a whole,"

Naizabek Olzhabayuly explained.

He invited Mahmut Telegusov to visit the Kazakh enterprise.

Original Author: Alexander Smolin

DISCLAIMER: This is a translated piece. The text has been modified, the content is the same. Please refer to the original piece in Russian for accuracy.

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