500 Tons of Fuel Stolen from National Guard Unit: New Details Emerge


The Aqmola region military court began to consider an appeal. The appeal concerns the embezzlement of fuel and lubricants in National Guard military units in the village of Ilyinka. Lawyers and those convicted disagree with the decision of the court of first instance. They claim that new information has emerged. It can reportedly shed light on the large-scale theft. The information was provided later, however, reports Orda.kz.

The verdict against the five defendants was handed down on February 13. The defendants received from 2.5 to 10 years in prison. Two convicted persons and their lawyers gave statements the other day. 

Deputy commander, Aslan Aktanov, is the only one who received a minimum term in a minimum security colony for negligence leading to the theft of fuel on a large scale. He believes that he is innocent and the verdict of the court of first instance to be unjust According to him, Upon receiving information about the possible theft, he repeatedly inspected the military unit, but it was impossible to identify the theft. 

It was not possible to establish the fact of the theft of fuel and lubricants due to the fact that the specialist of the financial service Tatimbyekov constantly corrected the information in favor of Ualiakhmyetov. That is, he submitted to the inspectors the information that was actually beneficial to Ualiakhmyetov. During the questioning of Tatimbyekov in court, he fully acknowledged the fact that he made adjustments and received a monetary reward from Ualiakhmyetov for this. The investigation and the court recognize this fact in full, Aktanov said.

RMDR: The theft of fuel was committed on the territory of military unit 3656. It would later be exported and sold at private refueling stations and the fuel center of military unit 5573. From there, fuel coupons were received for sale to third parties. According to the investigation, two warehouse heads, Ualiakhmyetov and Yespembetov, were engaged in this under the leadership of the head of the National Guard's Fuel and Lubricants Service, Nurzhan Dzhaksybayev. 

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During the investigation, it turned out that some coupons were fictitious and it is simply impossible to visually distinguish them from the real ones until they get to the supplier or are appropriately inspected, says Aktanov.

During the inspections, the fuel was available, and the documents were allegedly in order. The people responsible for fuel and forged documents have not been held accountable and compensation for damage has not been sought. 

Reputable court, in this case, the person of the head of the fuel and lubricants service of the military unit Dyachenko is very notable. This is the person who, as per his position, should not do anything except check fuel from morning to evening. He had to fall asleep and wake up to it. And for some reason, this person is not among those who were negligent in their official duties. And the deputy in the rear, who has a lot of all sorts of official duties, is accused of negligence. This indignation runs through the heart, Aktanov's lawyer said.

According to the lawyers, the buyers of stolen fuel, who benefited the most, have not been held accountable. The head of the heating center, however, received nine years. At one time, he ordered the issuance of fuel coupons in exchange for jet fuel stolen from another military unit. 

The judge of the first instance, Kairov, was presented with documents specifying the exact dates and amount of fuel received. In total, 48 tons of jet fuel were delivered to the heating center without accompanying documents. But how can 48 tons of kerosene cost 162 million tenge? And where did the other 582 tons imputed to me go? It turned out only on February 9, 24 from the submitted application of Yespamebtov Zhenis, where he gives the truthful facts, where and what was imported, and who participated in this theft specifically. But unfortunately, this statement reached Judge Kairov later. It was submitted to the court on February 13 at 11:15 a.m., and the verdict - at 15:00 p.m.,  Nurlan Seksembayev said.

According to those convicted, new circumstances have surfaced in the case. They will reportedly make everything clearer, i.e. where over five hundred tons of stolen fuel disappeared and who stole it. On May 2, the remaining three convicted persons will give statements: the head of the Fuel and Lubricants service of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dzhaksybayev, and two heads of warehouses, Yespembetov and Ualiakhmyetov.

Original Author: Rayana Batyr

DISCLAIMER: This is a translated piece. The text has been modified, the content is the same. Please refer to the original piece in Russian for accuracy.

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